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Project Presentation

The O.P. Daunia & Bio Soc.Coop. launches the project "PastaBio" which refers to the PSR Puglia 2007-2013 Asse I misura 133 "Attività di informazione e promozione" ("Information & Promotion Activities").

The aim of the Organisation O.P. Daunia&Bio Soc.Coop (the Organization of Daunia & Bio Soc.Coop. Producers) is the aggregation and qualification of certified organic products, especially cereal and pasta. With this certification L'O.P. Daunia & Bio Soc. Coop. is recognized and included at no. 29 in the list of Puglia Regional Producer Organisations under Art.4 of the Decree N.102 of 27 May 2005. The shareholders in the sector of high quality organic durum wheat production all operate in the province of Foggia.
A productive force for maximum market penetration and a high representative of the production of quality.

"We cultivate the high quality organic sector in the province of Foggia"

Organic Farming
The O.P. Daunia Bio & Soc.Coop.'s only work philosophy is Organic Farming. This expression indicates different cultivation methods which prohibit the use of chemicals, such as fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides etc., pursuing a sustainable development model, in which the farmer takes on the task of ensuring both the health of consumers and environmental protection.

Organic Pasta and its Properties
The product is constantly controlled, starting from the seed, then cultivated without chemical processing, up to the drying temperature, which should not exceed 60°C. In fact, during production, the dough is dried at low temperatures to avoid alterating proteins and enzymes. Grindstones and spring water are even used for special varieties. Organic pasta has a high content of minerals and vitamins, especially vitamins P and B, which are important for the nervous system.

Our Productions
Pasta of durum wheat semolina Senatore Cappelli :
The pasta with a soul. This pasta is made using durum wheat semolina Senatore Cappelli, cultivated organically by our members. The semolina obtained when milling Senatore Cappelli wheat has considerable technological and nutritional properties due to the quantity and quality of protein, such as its resistance to cooking (pasta al dente) and the typical yellowish amber colour of Italian pasta.


  • Promote organic durum wheat pasta among the general public;
  • Contribute to enhancing the image of organic durum wheat pasta;
  • Stimulate demand on the general public market.
  • In order to increase public awareness and direct consumption of organic durum wheat pasta, all the communication activities created pursue the following objectives:
  • Raise the general public's awareness of organic durum wheat pasta, encouraging and promoting information on:
  • the production process, agricultural techniques, the qualitative, nutritional, health and organoleptic properties, food safety and traceability;
  • providing consumers with the necessary reasons and motivation to purchase organic durum wheat pasta and informing them on the features and values of the product;
  • enhancing its reputation among opinion leaders and targeting business to business.

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